Let’s Talk Bitcoin! #370 No Fairy Dust

On Today’s Episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin…

Stephanie, Adam and Jonathan are joined by returning guest Preston Byrne

Correspondent Christian Garcia sends word from Venezuela about deals that seem to good to be true and Pinata times.

Adam Stephanie and Jonathan talk about the experience so far of setting up and accepting your tips with the Lighting network.

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Content for today’s show was provided by Jonathan, Preston, Stephanie, Christian and Adam.

This episode featured music by Jared Rubens, General Fuzz and Matthew Murawsky

This episode was edited by Matthew Zipkin, Haven and Adam B. Levine

Album Artwork:By qAFcRhWcRy2Zeg at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level, Public Domain, //commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21988409

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The Bitcoin Game #55: Cryptograffiti

Welcome to episode 55 of‚The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. In today’s episode, I’m happy to present an interview with one of the most well-known fine artists in the cryptocurrency space, Cryptograffiti. I’m a huge fan of his work, and was happy to get to learn a bit more about him. Check out his art in the links below.


Cryptograffiti’s Site

Twitter @Cryptograffiti

Instagram @Cryptograffiti


Wired: The Rise And Fall of Bitcoin

Casascius Coins

Silk Road

Art Show – Proof of Art

Cryptograffiti’s work featured in the Wall Street Journal

Cryptograffiti T-shirts


Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to The Bitcoin Game!



While much of a Bitcoiner’s time is spent in the world of digital assets, sometimes it’s nice to own a physical representation of the virtual things you care about. For just the price of a cup of coffee or two (at Starbucks), you can own the world famous Bitcoin Keychain, the growingly popular Litecoin Keychain, or even your own Bitcoin Fork – Pen.

As Seen On
The GuardianTechCrunchEngadgetArs TechnicaPopular Mechanics
InforwarsMaximInc.ViceRTBitcoin MagazineVentureBeat
PRICoinDeskWashington PostForbesFast Company

Bitcoin Keychains – BKeychain.com
Litecoin Keychains – LKeychain.com
Bitcoin Fork Pens – BitcoinForks.com
All of the above on Amazon – BitcoinNovelties.com

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All music in this episode of The Bitcoin Game was created by Rob Mitchell, or some funky jam Rob was involved in.

The Bitcoin Game box art was created from an illustration by Rock Barcellos.

Note: We’ve recently migrated our RSS feed (and primary content host) from Soundcloud to Libsyn. So if you notice the Soundcloud numbers have dropped off recently, that’s the reason.

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Bitcoin Core 0.16.1 Released

Bitcoin Core version 0.16.1 is now available for download. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this maintenance
that fixes several bugs and provides backports of new minor
features, such as:

  • Mitigating a vector for denial-of-service attacks. This attack required
    compromising particular services and would’ve probably been most
    effective against nodes that were started for the first time (rather
    than nodes that had already been connected to the network for more
    than a few hours).

  • Fixing a bug that could’ve potentially caused miners to lose revenue if
    they produced two blocks in very rapid succession.

  • Ceasing relay of transactions using the rarely-seen OP_CODESEPARATOR opcode for legacy
    (non-segwit) signature scripts. The presence of this opcode makes it
    difficult for nodes to estimate how much computational work will be
    required to validate a legacy signature script. Because of that, it
    blocks the deployment of solutions to prevent attackers from creating
    blocks that require a long time to validate. By itself, this change
    to relay policy doesn’t fix the problem itself, but it does make it
    easier and safer to deploy proposed solutions in the future should
    users consent to adopt them.

For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes. If
have any questions, please stop by our IRC chatroom and we’ll do
our best to help you.

Bitcoin Core 0.16.1 Released was originally published by Bitcoin Core at Bitcoin Core on June 15, 2018.

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