The Tatiana Show – Kevin Innes

Topics include:

— Upcoming events for Tatiana & Josh, namely Consensus.
— The implementation of Lightning Network for Vaultoro.
— Private and competing currencies.
— The criminal case levied against Kevin Innes.

About the Guests:

Kevin Innes is a long time activist and trainer for the 100% metals-backed Liberty Dollar, will recount his battle with the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Department of Justice which led to his arrest in 2009 on the charge of counterfeiting. He was held in county jail for 23 months without trial until being releasde in 2011 without any felony convictions. Innes aims to expose some of the corrupt legal tricks the Fed’s use to prevent meaningful financial reform. Innes began his career as an educator in 1976 giving seminars on meeting process skills to peace activist groups protesting the war in Vietnam and the military-industrial complex. For 5 years, he toured Europe lecturing on economic and political theory and yoga philosophy. After the birth of his first son he taught music for many years ‘“ until he encountered the Liberty Dollar. . Starting in Asheville, North Carolina he began giving lectures and forming study groups to raise awareness on the corruption of the banking system and teaching how to fight back. He then travelled throughout the US promoting this 100% metals-backed currency as a member of Liberty Dollar Executive Council and a National trainer for the company until his arrest in 2009.

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The Bitcoin Game #54: The Current State of Cryptocurrency Panel from SODM18

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Welcome to episode 54 of‚The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. Back in 2015, I had been waiting and waiting for a Bitcoin conference to be held here in Los Angeles. I finally gave up and booked a trip to the 2015 Texas Bitcoin Conference. Of course, shortly after making arrangements to go to Austin, LA’s first Bitcoin conference, The State of Digital Money, was announced. 2018 marks the third year I’ve participated in SODM, this time moderating a diverse panel of guests speaking on the broad topic of The State of Cryptocurrency.

I’ll be giving away a Bitcoin Keychain to someone who comments on this show notes page! The winner can opt to receive a Counterparty token, redeemable for a Bitcoin keychain.


State of Digital Money

Danny Aranda

Ryan Singer

John Mercurio

Joe DiPasquale


Chia Network


BitBull Capital


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All music in this episode of The Bitcoin Game was created by Rob Mitchell, or some funky jam Rob was involved in.

Photo courtesy Sam Onat Yilmaz, via Twitter.

The Bitcoin Game box art was created from an illustration by Rock Barcellos.

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