#240 Pamela Morgan: Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning

While many cryptocurrency holders have thought about how to secure their assets, how to pass on cryptoassets in case of one’s death is rarely on people’s mind. Lawyer Pamela Morgan has been helping people and organizations build solutions to safely store their cryptoassets and has recently turned her attention to inheritance planning.

We discussed her new book ‘œCryptoasset Inheritance Planning’ and how people can design a simple plan to give heirs a high chance of recovering assets in less than an hour.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How an impassioned talk on Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos started her crypto journey
  • Common misconceptions lawyers have about crypto
  • Her work through Empowered Law on educating lawyers
  • Third Key Solutions and building non-custodial key management solutions
  • The most frequent mistakes people make when it comes to protecting cryptoassets
  • How to do inheritance planning for cryptoassets
  • Differentiating between technical and legal aspects to inheritance planning

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  • DappCon: Conference for Ethereum DApps & Infrastructure ‘” ‘Berlin, July 19 & 20

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The Tatiana Show – Cryptolina 2018 Edition: Multiple live interviews!

Topics Include:

— Get the scoop from some of the most prominent and major cryptocurrency organizations in this special episode.

About the Guests:

Minute Marks:
— 00:15 Faruk Okcetin, founder and organizer of Cryptolina

— 03:41 Luis Buenadventura of Bloom Solutions

— 07:15 Inna Rudaya of Efir

— 12:42 JC Crown of Foleum

— 19:14 Andrew Shook of NSDQmining

— 22:52 Ben Oberg of Millionare Mafia

— 26:25 Xiaochen Zhnag of Fintech4Good

— 30:47 Rosario Pabst of Zencash

— 33:27 Stephen Hyduchak of Bridge Protocol

— 38:34 Dawn Code of Unspecified

— 42:16 Tim Barbir of North Georgia Data

— 45:24 Valerian Bennet of Popchest

— 52:23 Michael Tozoni, a bitcoin economist, investor, and entrepreneur

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